Announcing Andl

Andl is A New Database Language.

Andl does what SQL does, but it is not SQL. Andl has been developed as a fully featured database programming language following the principles set out by Date and Darwen in The Third Manifesto. It includes a full implementation of the Relational Model published by E.F. Codd in 1970, an advanced extensible type system, database updates and other SQL-like capabilities in a novel and highly expressive syntax.

The intended role of Andl is to be the implementation language for the data model of an application. It is already possible to code the business model of an application in an SQL dialect, but few people do this because of limitations in SQL.  Andl aims to provide a language free of these problems that works on all these platforms. See the role of Andl, why we need itproblems with SQL and a TTM paraphrase to read further.

Andl is an open source project, and a download can be found here or through GitHub here. It comes with some sample scripts that easily show just about everything it can do (which is quite a lot). It supports SQLite as the backend database. There are samples of Andl source code under this tag, and for the language gurus the grammar is at AndlGrammar-15f09. Please try.

Some of the more interesting recent releases include Sqlite and Thrift. The most recent posts are here. If this is of interest, please email me as david at this domain.

The picture is the Lasseter Highway in outback Australia. It too is a path through a strange territory, thought to be well-charted but full of surprises and dangers.

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