A Paraphrase of the Third Manifesto

The Third Manifesto is the highly authoritative result of over two decades of work by CJ Date and Hugh Darwen. It sets out their view on the future for database management systems, and on a language in particular. To a large extent Andl is based on that work.

But TTM (as it is known) is not an easy read. It is written in academic language for an academic audience, and not everyone will find that accessible. This TTM Paraphrase is my attempt to express the ideas of TTM in language more familiar and more accessible to the general IT reader. It is the document I use when I want to quickly remind myself of some key points and terminology. It’s my ‘cheat sheet’ for TTM.

So I’m publishing this draft in the hope that it will be useful, and to solicit feedback. It is not a substitute for, an improvement on or even a refinement of TTM. At best it may help some people to understand TTM. I know writing it has helped me.

The TTM paraphrase, initial draft release, with minor updates: TTM-para-d26.

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