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Lambdas and functions as values

Andl now has ‘functions as values’, and lambda literals.

A lambda is the literal form of a value of type ‘function’. It corresponds to a defined function but can be treated as a first class value: it can be

  • stored in a variable, component member of a user-defined type or attribute of a tuple
  • passed as a parameter
  • executed by the postfix operator of parentheses enclosing an argument list.

The syntactic definition is similar to a function definition omitting the name.

// function literal
def funlit(def(a:'') => a & a)
// function variable
var funval := def def(a:'') => a & a
// direct call on function value
(def def(a:'') => a & a)(‘ab’)

In this example, funlit, funval and the literal lambda can be called interchangeably. The value can be stored in a variable, user type component or tuple attribute and can be passed as a parameter. There is no type declaration as such, just literals of the type. Treating the function call on values as a postfix operator produces an odd asymmetry:

funval(‘ab’) // legal
funlit(‘ab’) // legal
(funval)(‘ab’) // legal
(funlit)(‘ab’) // illegal! [Built in and user-defined operators are still second class.]

Please note that these are individual function values, not methods. They have access to local and global scope, but there is no object or instance scope.

The latest release provides the working system and samples. Download from github.

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Support for PostgreSQL released

Andl now supports PostgreSQL as a backend database.

The latest release of Andl now makes it possible to use PostgreSQL as a backend database, with Andl relations stored as native PostgreSQL tables and Andl queries translated into PostgreSQL SQL for execution.

All features of Andl work identically on all supported platforms, where implemented. Open functions and aggregations (evaluated from within a query) are fully supported, as are Andl native types and user-defined types. Currently the only features not implemented are ‘while’ queries (similar to SQL common table expression recursive) and ordered queries (similar to SQL window functions).

Andl scripts can be compiled and Andl functions stored in the Andl catalog for later execution (similar to SQL stored procedures). Andl is implemented as a PostgreSQL installed language, so it is possible to call Andl functions from SQL. The server-based access to those functions using Web API, REST or Thrift interfaces will be part of a later release.

The Github project is here. The release is here.


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