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Andl has reached the six month mark. I started working on it in October 2014 and the first check in of some actual code was on the 27th. Now it’s April 2015, so where am I up to?

First, how big is it? Basic statistics: Andl is currently about 7500 lines of C# code, 1500 lines of Andl code and other bits and pieces. I’ve probably written twice that to get it to here.

What can it do? A lot. Most of the things that most people write in SQL can easily be handled by Andl code. In my opinion it’s a nice little language of a rather functional kind, and I’ve been surprised at how powerful the relational paradigm is, even when it’s the only collection type and the problem doesn’t look like data.

It implements large chunks of The Third Manifesto, but definitely not all.

  • The type system is reasonably complete, but there are no type constraints and no subtyping. There are components, selectors and getters, but not alternative ‘possreps’.
  • Support for the Relational Algebra and a host of related capabilities is complete for relations. RA support for tuples is indirect, requiring them to be wrapped in a relation first.
  • Relvars can be persisted, but there are no relvar constraints, no real concept of a database and no transactions.

The net effect is that it implements the TTM requirements for a D language, but excluding RM Prescriptions 14, 15, 16, 17, 23, 24 and 25, and OO Prescriptions 4 and 5. It’s a work in progress.

I have written two scripts of sample code to show off most of what Andl can do.

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