6 questions to answer

These are questions to be resolved because my vision for Andl depends on them.  The questions are: how to build on the work of TTM and TD to better address the ability to do:

  1. Complex aggregation (including things like
    1. statistical variance
    2. running sum
    3. aggregations across ‘outer joins’.
  2. Deep ‘self joins’, that is relations that form graphs and trees (and including aggregation on them, such as pricing a bill of materials).
  3. Deep nesting, that is relations that are not in first normal form, with RVAs (relation valued attributes) that in turn include RVAs to form trees and graphs in a single relation.
  4. Relational (joinable) functions.
  5. Relational Updates (not so SQL-like).
  6. Quantifiable restriction (equivalents for SQL TOP/LIMIT; list parts obtainable from at least 2 suppliers)

I think the ground work has been laid already, and all I need to do is to draw it together.

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